HoCo Deals App

Has launched so download it today!

iconHoCo Deals App

  • The HoCo Deals App for Howard County
  • All your favorite local businesses right on your smart phone.
  • Get Local Savings & Rewards

icon Features

  • Coupons to all the restaurants & services you already use
  • Rewards Programs
  • Reminder pops up when you enter store or restaurant
  • Share coupons with family & friends via email & text

iconApple iOS, Android

  • App Works With Apple iOS, Android
  • App Is Very User Friendly

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Privacy Policy

We do not use or sell any of your data, because we don’t collect it.

On Android devices we ask for your account permission simply to send you relevant push notifications on older compatible devices. We do not store any account information or use your account identifier for any other purpose.